What we do

We are more than a company, we’re an ecosystem

Our ecosystem model, unlocks unequalled performance in efficiently assessing and identifying targets, finding the best teams to effectively prosecute those targets.

About Our Expert Nodes

A flexible network of Nodes supporting as required to drive programs

Our expert nodes are co-located, and work to provide both integrated, and specialist support to our ecosystem. These nodes range from bioinformatics, CMC and quality, to finance, operations, commercial, business analytics and fit-for-purpose project management.

R&D Node

Established Discovery, Bioinformatics, IP and CMC Nodes that support the ecosystem with future competencies identified

People Node

Culture, values, wellbeing, development, recruitment & onboarding

Finance Node

Management accounts, book-keeping, grants, payroll

Project Management Node

Consistency of Agile Project Management principles, systems and processes across the ecosystem

Commercial Node

Strategy & business intelligence, external communications, fundraising, and business development

Operations Node

IT, Company secretarial, SOPs, governance, legal, office management