Our Story

Our founders Kirsty and Tom McCarthy are driven by a shared passion: Operationalising exceptional science into successful business.

Following the 2015 acquisition of Spinifex Pharmaceuticals by Novartis, they founded M:MBio, a biotechnology ecosystem company specialising in biotech venture creation and integrated support services.

Today we empower biotech ventures to achieve scientific, clinical, and commercial excellence through our discovery and development ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to bring life-changing medicines to market.

We achieve this by assembling agile and expert project teams that pursue innovative drug discovery programs, focusing on drug targets with compelling human biology and clear genetic links to human disease.

Through this approach, we have built an ecosystem which efficiently delivers innovative medicines and brings clear benefits to patients and payers.

Our Mission

To generate world-leading next-generation medicines for significant diseases through the strength of our team and continuous innovation